Saturday, 19 November 2011

EDIT: I've bought it long ago :) Needs serious patch work tho!! Video at the bottom to prove i bought the game.

                                                Complete Playthrough I Did Of The Game....

I'm gonna start by saying i WILL be buying this game, when i can afford it!
But for now i downloaded it because i had to play it! :)

So i've been reading through the comments on the "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - RELOADED" version of the game (torrent) and thought that i would put together on the fastest and easiest way to download/install it. Or atleast this is what worked for me.

Game can be Downloaded HERE.
1: If you're using Vuze to download it you want set your Cache to MAX under Tools/Options/Files/Performance Options. You will see something called "Size of cache in MB" set it as high as it will go (mine went to 91mb for some reason).

2: Make sure, absolutely sure, you put your Download AND Upload speeds to Unlimited. Keep clicking it every 5 minutes or so to keep it up!

3: Make sure the DDB is Enable. Under Tool/Options/Plugins/Distributed DB and check the box beside to Enable. Also under the same path click on UPnP and check "Automatically refresh mappings when NAT status is 'firewalled'". Then under uTP check "Prefer uTP connections over existing non-uTP ones" if its not checked.

Doing the above....for the first, maybe, 6 hours of downloading, the speed was staying around 40-65K/s... then jumped up to around between 400-600KB/s!!! Seends also went up aswell from maybe 6 of 1500+ (at the time i was downloading) to about 47!

After you FINALLy get it downloaded :)
1: Create a file on your Desktop.
2: Unzip/Rar BOTH files into that folder (you'll see why both in a minute).
3: Click on the Setup.exe file - The one with the [R] icon beside it.
4: It will create another folder (c\:call of duty modern warfare 3) and install the game.
5: Now since you did ^2 it will ask you for Disk 2...just click Ok. If you did it right it should keep installing.
6: After its done installing the game open and copy ALL files from the \Crack folder into the folder the install just created.
7: Note: copying over the \Crack folder contents will not move all files (this is what my problem was).....
8: You MUST copy over the DLL files from the \Crack folder to mine game folder in order for the game to even launch! I forget the names of the DLL files but two of the were Steam and the other one started with a Z...
9: If you have an error saying that a file is missing (mss32.dll for example) do i quick search for the file name on your computer.
10: Note: You can actually use the one from your MW2 game folder :)
Random Photo Of My Laptop lol...

                                               Just A Little Unrelated MultiPlayer Action...

Other Notes:
The RELOADED Version is ONLY the SinglePlayer, Spec-Ops and Survival Mode parts. MultiPlayer DOES NOT WORK! It MIGHT work with Once again...I plan on buying the game when i can afford it! So don't be leaving nasty comments. All the stuff above is how i got it to download faster and install and play the game. - MON$TER__k00zy.

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  1. Didn't work. But don't feel bad, none of the other ways work either.

  2. there is no exe files to launch the game I tried a launcher but now it requires steam

  3. When I click ok after it asks for CD the menu still remains